About me!

Hi I’m Rashida.
My greatest love is my family. My father, my husband and my two precious children Isaac and Arabella.  They are my life.

I discovered photography when I became a mother. I was driven by a desire to record and document every little detail of their childhood.  I want them to know just how much they are loved and adored.  I want to remember every stage, the first steps, the running hugs, first day at school,  football matches, dance classes and so on.  These are magical moments that deserve to be recorded and cherished forever.

From a young age I’ve had a keen eye for beautiful things and smaller details.  I grew up with a passion for art and creativity.  I still love to paint and nothing makes me happier than watching Isaac and Arabella paint pictures.  I love to watch them play outside until the sun goes down.

My Philosophy 

I am obsessed with beautiful light. My desire is to capture real moments, true connections & raw emotions. I want to tell stories with my photographs. I want them to show that you loved deeply and lived passionately.  My wish is to create photographs that not only tell your story but move your heart and soul with love & emotion.  

A wise man once wrote;

“Don’t shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like.” – David Alan Harvey

Rashida x